Solemnity by Richard Sherman


Richard Sherman has been playing the piano professionally for over forty years. He writes and arranges most of the music and plays in local clubs in the Los Angeles area. He has also performed fifty concerts in venues over the years donating all of the proceeds to charity.He has put together his finest trio and vocalist, currently performing at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes Estates, California.

One of the originals, Solemnity, written by Richard Sherman, has received the most intense response out of all the material the group has performed. It is just piano and bass with Adam Cohen majestically bowing throughout the arrangement. He compliments the haunting melody perfectly and the song actually has a classical feel to it. “On more than a few occasions, I have seen people visibly cry when we perform the song. I usually start a musical set with just Adam on bass and me on the piano. A hush usually comes over the room once the audience realizes that something musically special is taking place. I myself am always moved by the reaction this song receives from the audience.” Bob Conti, percussionist for Jose Feliciano, who played on Richard’s first CD Dream Street commented that Solemnity is one of Richard’s best works. Bob Conti said, “The music seems to capture the listener beginning from the first note”.

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The Richard Sherman Trio includes two time Grammy Award winning vocalist Bili Redd. The versatile Adam Cohen is on upright bass and Jon Stuart plays drums. The trio plays as a cohesive unit and supports the group musicality at all times. Their CD Sing is currently being played on a regular basis on The music is light jazz and commercial arrangements of popular songs plus a few originals written by Sherman as well as an original entitled Terranea written by Adam Cohen.